Portable inverter generators are one of the most valuable equipments for every home in Europe and America. Below is a list of some of the best inverter generator that comes with an inbuilt plug and even some ha having a generic USB charging ports

1. Honda EU2200I Portable inverter generator.

Honda is a brand of engines that have been in the market for ages due to its extemporary service delivery to clients. It received the editor’s choice as the best inverter generator for the year due to its outstanding service delivery. High-quality gas engines that save your fuel budget and don’t get failed easily thus you can keep it running for longer hours around 4 to 9 hours continuously. It has a higher power output of 2200 watts with minimal noise levels of 47 to 57 dB. It can also be run in parallel connection thus services various power sockets.

2. Champion Rv Ready inverter generator.

The Champion inverter generator has just enough power outlets to ensure you are connected in every aspect you are thinking about. Runs at 2800 watts thus it can handle most of the devices you could be having at your new home. One of its outstanding features is its low shutoff oil sensor that means it will alarm you once the level of gasoline falls below the recommended quantity. It runs for eight hours with a noise level of below 58dB and 2,800 power watts. You can see another full guide on the best inverter generator through bestgenerators.org too.

3. Yamaha EF2000isv2 inverter generator.

Yamaha has over years minted its good reputation for manufacturing engines and other Yamaha accessories. The product also comes with an unlimited product design which allows it to be small thus becoming the perfect inverter generator. On quarter load it runs for 10.5 hours producing 1,600 watts. Also, it has a low noise level and low oil light.

4. Westinghouse iGen 2299 inverter generator.

Although not compact and bigger than both Yamaha and champion it has one of the best run times of more than 12 hours when at 25% load. Producing 1,800 watts with a 52 dB noise level.