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Turn your mood into film

Are you on the horns of dilemma every single time you have to choose a movie to watch? Calm down, you’re not the only one struggling with this problem! What I would like to point out below is the significant connection between the film you watch and your actual mood.


So, first of all, you have to asses what kind of mood you are in and do your research just after that.

If you feel like having an average, peaceful weekday evening you should search for romantic comedies. Romantic love stories have humorous plotlines, an optimal amount of action and a lot of kindness. Romantic comedies have many things in common with  romance movies or romantic dramas, even if the last ones suggest a much more different mood. As usually they have a sad ending, and the lovers  are torn apart by a dramatic turn, these films are a better alternative for a love couple than a single girl waiting for the love of her life. Of course, love is just one of the main topics, used in film production.

videoTo continue on the listing of the film genres,from my point of view, action movies, crimes and adventures can also be mood-related. The first thing, which comes to my mind about them are the college film marathons, and the collective cinema goings.

Of course, your mood can determine your pretension toward the film’s value as well. If you happen to be in a let’s say ‘serious mood’, aspiring for some up to par and deep message you should check the reviews of high-rated dramas or autobiographic  movies.

the film

In the end, as a suggestion, it can be a good tip to have a continuously growing, diversified ‘movies to watch’ post-it on your desktop, from which you can easily choose according to your mood.

Chanelle Lee, working her way towards modelling and acting

Chanelle Lee is a model and actress from Toronto, Canada, who’s been working in the industry for over six years. Her major focus was on her modelling career for some time now, hoping to get into commercial modelling. She participated in several commercials already, like Áetho’s and FRS Energy + Endurance.

Chanelle Lee is working on gaining experience in acting as well, she is hoping to appear in television sitcoms and/or other films and she  is interested in many different genres. She has already made some music videos and eager to have the opportunity for more.

Beach Volleyball DigHer qualities are definitely facilitating her ambitions. She has an outstanding sense of style, and exceptional facial projection. Check out her photos on her website http://www.chanellelee.com/.

As her appearance in fashion has shown it many times, she has a powerful walking posture and can use all the adequate poses as well. You can find videos on her website.

With her positive, charming and outgoing personality she is looking for new challenges in both, modelling and acting, and she is willing to  travel for work and open to international work. Continue reading

You have godchildren, nieces, nephews, friends whose birthday is coming and you didn’t buy them anything yet?

The famous psychologist, Gary Chapman in his book, The Five Love Languages, speaks about the receiving and most importantly the giving gifts as an expression of love and care.

That’s all interesting, but what if we don’t have enough time to prepare something personal for our loved ones and we don’t want to give them some standard gifts. The solution to our problem could be online shopping on quality, reliable Webshops.

webshopTo avail myself on an example, one of the Webshops, Made in USA Shopping, has a variety of products and quality customized items and online customers may find a lot of souvenirs as well. You may order these products simply from home, and it will be delivered to your doorstep. And then at big family meetings you can really make your relatives happy with a small, but also individual and unique gift. Continue reading

On the road to success through a complex website analysis

Would you like to be the owner of a successful, high-rated website? Do you want to gain much more visibility being on the top of the search results? By using a great variety of SEO tools SeoUsa4You can offer you an in-depth and complex website analysis to help you strengthen and improve your website. In order to be as effective as it is possible SeoUsa4you focuses on the most important aspects of the website analysis.

website analysis

All the research is based on the optimization of the website’s text and multimedia content. Assessing thoroughly the content of the webster can tell you a lot about the strategies of the server, its strengths and weaknesses. In addition to this the analysis focuses on making a comprehensive report of the servers linking strategies. Beside the link profile analysis, we have to enhance another important SEO tool, which is called the keyword analysis. Dealing with the current rankings for selected keywords, this strategy also takes your website one step closer to a higher visibility. Continue reading