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Getting involved with The Film Connection is free and easy:
  • Form a film group.
  • Register.
  • Pick the films you wish to see, and we'll ship them anywhere in the United States.
  • Return them in our postage-paid envelopes within three weeks.

Film Groups
We ask members to bring together family, friends and neighbors to watch the films and discuss them. A group can be you and a couple of your best friends or favorite relatives, or up to 15 fellow cinema lovers. Public school teachers can also use our films in the classroom. To help get the conversation started, we provide materials you can download and use to guide your discussion and get involved in the issues. Check the bottom of each film description page to see what resources are available for the film you've checked out.

Please note that the majority of our films are NOT AVAILABLE for PUBLIC PERFORMANCE. For more information, and a list of films that are available for public performance, please view our Terms and Conditions.

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  • One limited edition Film Connection t-shirt and five stickers.
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